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Pärnu Airport

Pärnu Airport that is based on the former military airfield is Estonia’s second largest by runway length and size. The airport is located three kilometers from the City of Pärnu.


58º25'18'' N
24º27'57'' E

Driving directions

From Tallinn motorway to Pärnu Airport

From Haapsalu motorway to Pärnu Airport

In addition to domestic regular flights, Pärnu is also used for private and charter flights to other countries. In winters the airport serves regular flights to the island of Kihnu and Ruhnu and in summers the airport is visited mainly by small aircrafts.

Pärnu airfield is very suitable for private aviation, use by aviation clubs, aviation and parachuting sports, air cargo transport and organizing various open-air events.

Pärnu Airport includes the Kihnu airfield that is located 42 km from Pärnu on the island of Kihnu in the Livonian Bay. Kihnu runway is a grass strip that is 800 metres long and 60 metres wide. 12,000 square metres of the area (500 x 24 m) is covered in plastic.