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30. International Hanseatic Days 24.-27. June 2010 Pärnu

30. International Hanseatic Days 24.-27. June 2010 Pärnu

Considering their glamour and the offered level of entertainment,
International Hanseatic Days can be compared with the Olympics,
the latter surpassing the former only in one important aspect. You
see a lot less sportsmen during the Hanseatic Days and not as many
pointless colourful rings, but the amount of deep culture encountered
this event is substantially bigger.
Historic cities await you!

Historic cities await you!

Estonia, a modern expertise in a historical setting.

Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, is a modern city with medieval twist. Estonia is one of Europe’s smallest countries, but - like a boutique - offers a better experience for that very reason. You will be surprised and charmed by our medieval city of Tallinn and equally, you will not expect the diversity of nature offered along the coast and in the countryside.

With Estonian Air’s special summer campaign fares we look forward to seeing you on board!

Sale: 4.-11.05.2010
Travel: 1.06-31.08.2010

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Estonian Air Birthday Festival

Estonian Air Birthday Festival

Winter’s biggest sale!

Tallinn (Estonia)
Vilnius (Lithuania)
Stockholm (Sweden)
Oslo (Norway)
Moscow (Russia)
Saint Petersburg (Russia)
and many more

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