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We recommend families with children always to come to register for the flight in time so that travel attendants could take into consideration the possible requests of the family (e.g. in case of a later registration it is highly likely that it is not possible to find adjacent seats in the plane for the family etc). If possible, take the essential children's necessaries (diapers, baby food, medicines etc) to the hand luggage in order to avoid inconveniences conditioned by the possible delay of the flights.

NB! All children, including infants, must have a valid travel document! 
When booking a fight for a child travelling alone definitely ask for additional information from your airline. More detailed guidelines and information about the services offered to children are available at the website of the airline.

Baby carriage
In general baby carriage needs to be registered as a luggage and handed over at the check-in  desk.

Good to know!
Employees of the airport suggest that before arriving at the airport parents should explain to children what exactly will happen in the airport – that in the security check the teddy bear needs to be handed over for a moment and it will be returned again, that there are a lot of people at the airport and that it is necessary to be stay close to the parents, etc.

Recommendations for a flight with children:
• Inform the cabin crew well in time when you would like to heat the food for the child
• Ask where you can change the child's diapers
• Cabin crew helps to fasten the carrycot (child in a carrycot is always placed on the seat next to the window); if the child is sitting on a lap, the child's safety-belt (provided by the cabin crew) shall be fastened to the mother's safety-belt
• We recommend to try to time feeding the child during take-off and landing of the plane, because sucking helps to reduce the earache that may occur when the pressure changes
• Cabin crew appreciates when parents keep their young children on their seats during the flight as while working attendants might not notice a child moving in the aisle
• If possible, bring along children's favourite toy or get something new and interesting for the flight that would help to keep the child engaged during the flight